Monday, June 22, 2015

500 Words, Day 30 - End Game

Wrapping up the #500WordsADay experiment via @KaleandCigarettes with one last post.  Looking back over the last 30 days, I see that I’ve written more posts in the last two months than the last two years combined.  I asked at one point whether it was better to write every day to see what came of it, or to write only when inspiration struck.  The consensus was, “write every day,” because you lot are a bunch of suck-ups, basically.    

But let’s do a little recap, shall we?   Some observations.  How meta.  (I got to say that AGAIN and I’m thrilled).  Anyway.  Some overarching themes emerged.  There were quite a few where I was casting about wildly in search of a topic.  Where it was time to put 500 words on the screen and basically I just let whatever came into my head out through my fingers and called it good.  Well, no.  I called it shitty and then I called it done.  

Winning at wallowing. 
There was perhaps too much wallowing.  Although I tend to rock the wallow overall, if you don’t mind my saying.  The third person narrative turned out well.  A bunch of you really liked that.  Hell, I really liked it too.  Award Night, Kitchen Work, Round We Spin.  Yeah, those were good.   I went back and I read those a lot.  (Spoiler:  I. Cried.  Every. Time.)  Reading back over those make me want to pull my shit together and shop it, maybe see if there is someone who would be interested in it.   I have no idea how to do that.  Shoot me a message if you have some guidance for me on that. ( and I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret doing that so don't spam me, bro)

There were a couple of funny ones that turned out well, I thought.  The OkCupid one, the Senior Discount.  The Sign Says Yield, the hiking ones, both of them.  Twitter.  So, yeah, that book is gonna be bouncing around a fair bit.  (SURPRISE)  

Maybe make it two books.  One that’s composed of all the cutesy ramblings, and one that’s a “thinly disguised roman à clef” as someone put it, where I write about all my problems in the third person to make them seem more literary and less pathetic.    But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?   Haven’t even figured out the first step and already I’m one volume shy of a trilogy.  Besides, I’m still waiting for everyone to die so they don’t find out what I wrote about them.   Or what I wrote about myself.  Will the real Klonnie please . . .  oh for fuck’s sake.  Enough.  

One result of this experiment has is that I have resolved to write every day, even if I don’t post the fruits of the exercise.  If I treat writing like a job, I might take it more seriously.  I might really try to do something with it.  It may end up being nonsense, but maybe it’s like that room full of monkeys, banging away on typewriters.  Eventually one of them’s gonna type out some Shakespeare.  And win a goddamn Primate Pulitzer or something.  It could happen.     

It means a lot to me that you guys read this nonsense and get something out of it.  I appreciate all the feedback, I love hearing from you. Thank you reading, and writing, and getting it.  Seriously.  You have no idea.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Klonnie! It helps me make it through my misery! (smile, with a tear)