Thursday, June 4, 2015

500 Words, Day 16 Already? Ugh

Crap!  500 Words due in 1:22.  Time for some self-referential nonsense.  Oh my 500 words are due oh okay let me try to use up a bunch talking about how I’m going to use up a bunch talking about    . . . .

Ugh.  My kingdom for a prompt.  

I was just saying less than 24 hours ago how much I was enjoying the structure of the daily deadline.  I woke up looking forward to writing.   I think I would look a lot more forward to it if I didn't have to do all these other nonsensical things with my time.  For example, I spent a very frustrating 2.5 hours this afternoon trying to get from point A to point B and back again in my car.  There are a lot of people where I live who don’t want to be where they are and are trying to change that at all at once at 5 pm.  It wasn’t a SigAlert or anything but damn.  I know LA has bad traffic but I think the Bay Area is catching up in that regard.  I suspect that my boss sent me on this errand at that particular time on purpose so that from now on I will appreciate staying at work later until the traffic subsides.  Keep my butt in the chair an extra hour, yanno?  He’s a sly fox, that one.  

Casting about for a topic.  

How about my ex who is causing me no end of consternation at the moment.   There are all these divorce details to take care of, most of which involve figuring out how much money to give me (hint: lots) so I get why he wouldn’t be returning those emails and I’m trying to tread lightly because you catch more blood from a stone with honey or whatever, if you see what I mean.  In addition to being annoying, it’s expensive, because every time I have to contact him, it has to go through about three attorneys who all need two-tenths of an hour each just to turn on their damn computers apparently so it ends up costing a couple hundred bucks just to ask him, “So how’s about coughing up those documents I asked you for about nine other times buddy whaddya say?”  

Another reason it’s troublesome is that he might really be struggling.  I know he’s drinking at least some.  It’s none of my business and not my problem except for the sticky wicket of The Gamer spending time at his place (or not spending time there which is what it’s looking like for now).  Also and no melodrama for reals he might die so there goes my support which goes to show you what a heartless bitch I am.  Ultimately what’s wrong with everything is basically me and how I make everyone miserable which is actually not that easy to refute at 11:25 pm when I’m sitting here in bed blinking back tears because I’m the girl that cries all the time, remember that one?  

So anyway, this one didn’t turn out all that great, but tomorrow is another day, Scarlett, and that’s a good thing.   

Namaste, bitches.  We out.

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