Monday, June 8, 2015

500 Words, Day 20 -- The List

With 1:16 to go, I guess I should get started on my essay for today, huh.  It should be obvious that weekdays are my most difficult days for the experiment.  I do have huge blocks of time at work where, if I were a different sort of person, I’d fritter away on my blog and other internet interactions.  

As it is, I take Facebook breaks often, to tend to my page and see what my imaginary friends are up to.  We work in The Cloud in my office, and frequently the software can take a minute or even two to load, which is a decent interval for checking social media, as well as my phone, in case the notifications I have set have somehow reset themselves and I missed an all-important text.  It could happen.  But all too often, my lock screen looks like this:

which means no one loves me, not even the New York Times.  How many people can say that?  You might ask, “Why don’t you set Facebook to notifications?  Then you’re sure to have something on your lock screen every time you open it.”  But that’s too easy.  That wouldn’t count.  As you might have come to expect with me, it’s complicated.  

So to put 500 words together, I’m going to type up the notes I made this evening at the conference The Gamer and I had with the director of the tutoring center, to create a summer schedule to get ahead of the game in AP Physics and AP Calculus, as well as a host of other chores as will follow in the lines below.  

It was a meeting that I had scheduled, and it was not to include The Gamer’s dad, my ex, primarily because I want to shut him out of our son’s life limit our son’s exposure to what I consider to be an unhealthy environment that will not be improved until I see my ex making progress on getting sober, and by that I mean ceasing to drink.  Somehow he found out about the meeting and showed up.  I staunchly ignored him, to my delight, the director did as well, knowing that what little influence he has on The Gamer’s academic progress is mostly that of good-natured and unintentional sabotage.  In any case, what follows is the list of notes I took.  Considering I’m well over the 500 words, I will let them speak for themselves, without translation or interpretation.  

Find out can make up failed PE (local community college)
Run mile in 9:00
Eat healthy
Crunches rhythm anime subtitles
Bike to run
Bike to lift Y guest pass for (name of best friend)
Finish online health
Start calc and physics
2 weeks or as needed check in
Khan Academy online
Catch up on Japanese convo
Get text for Japanese 2
ID weakness  vocab
Free app android
Go thru book ID words don't know
Long term goals
ACT prep
MIT Lectures physics prof Lewin broad ideas
Khan academy for prob sets
EFT Check ins
Therapist - (name of my therapist)
Wrestling with motivation and follow thru
Desire to complete v paralysis
Self-soothe with entertainment; distraction
Pomodoro schedule
Make appt to go over it

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