Friday, May 29, 2015

500 Words, Day 10 - Make the Deadline

OMG you guys I’ve been sidelined on writing today because I just couldn’t shake off the obligations and carve out some alone time.  The forty minutes between the end of the session and the meeting time for dinner was a shower and a power nap.  I was going to try to write then, but the nap whined at me insistently and I ended up rewarding that with a candybar in the checkout.  

I’m intent on not missing a day so I’m just going to type until 11:55 because it always takes me a few minutes to get the posting figured out.  So.  OMG  I love blackjack!   I won a hundred dollars.  That’s on top of the sixty I started with.  Well, I started with forty and lost all that so I pulled out another twenty because despite (or maybe because of) my rule bound, I’m-gonna-get-caught worldview I have these moments of poor impulse control but in this case luck was a lady and I ended up walking away with two watered down (free) vodka tonics in my belly and $160 in my purse.  Awesome.  Ya hit or ya sit.

Okay, if I can write four more paragraphs like that rambling run-on in the next ten minutes I’ll be good to go.  I write run-on sentences without punctuation or editing in an ironic way because it’s the way I think.  It’s stream of consciousness and if it’s good enough for James Joyce it’s good enough for me.  Not that I would ever consider myself on par with James Joyce but to throw in a literary allusion because college although I read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in high school Senior Honors English and you know what I was pretty good at reading and writing and writing about reading and for a long time I wanted to major in Literary Criticism.  Then I realized that I was fascinated by language and what it does and how it happens so I changed my major to linguistics although there really weren’t enough classes to qualify that as a major but they had this cool thing where you could design your own major so I nailed a bunch of ideas together like I do and called it Language and Culture, English and Anthropology and Philosophy all thrown in together so there’s another example of how it’s all happening at once for me, and to quiet that din in my head takes a lot of discipline and solitude and quiet and let’s face it there’s been precious little of that in my life in the last oh I don’t know, two decades or so.

So that’s 442 and I’m gonna wrap this up so I can make the deadline.  #500WordsADay @Kale&Cigarettes

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